Line optimisation, part 3: Efficiently controlled container transport

Current HEUFT equipment realises a harmonious, gapless and pressure-free container flow for simply more efficiency, productivity and sustainability in the filling and packaging process.

Without efficiency there is no sustainability. Only those who use resources as sensibly and efficiently as possible conserve material, prevent premature wear, save CO2-intensive energy and increase the quality of the finished end product as well as the productivity of entire filling and packaging plants. On the other hand, gaps and jams in the container flow, unnecessarily high transport speeds and overstressed belts that wear out prematurely are anything but efficient. The same applies to disruptions and losses caused by containers falling over, getting jammed or damaged due to transport errors. A gentle, gapless, accumulation pressure-free and noise-reduced container transport with harmoniously controlled belts and efficiently controlled overall lines is therefore simply more sustainable.

HEUFT not only has the right know-how from decades of experience in line planning and optimisation as well as a wide range of different HEUFT conveyor systems but also the latest HEUFT synchron solutions for conveyor control and higher-level line control. Sensors continuously monitor complete control ranges. Smart control algorithms track the number and exact position of the containers, react directly to faults and stoppages and determine the optimum conveyor speed in real time. This is adaptively increased for gentle pressureless merging and gently reduced for a jam-free container flow. The result: maximum possible output at the lowest possible belt speed.

From local conveyor control to overall plant control

The conveyor control system optimises the container flow of individual line sections in order to be able to supply the HEUFT quality check and inspection systems as well as filling and other master machines with bottles, jars or cans without gaps at any time. The single-lane transport areas from the separation to the machine infeed are harmoniously regulated for this purpose. As a result, significantly more containers can be filled in the same period of time, and the total output increases.

Even more demanding tasks, such as electronic interlocking and synchronisation of the filler with the labeller, or precise control of multi-lane conveyor areas and buffer sections, are also easy to implement. The same applies to the regulation of the container transport of complete bottling lines for a smooth, gapless and pressureless container flow with full efficiency all along the line. In addition, the comprehensive line control can also coordinate fully automatic CIP cleaning programmes, among other things. It shows its true strengths at neuralgic points such as the transitions between bulk and individual transport: for example, it controls combiner or container fanning out and laning systems so precisely that the packs can be brought together precisely and gently in the single-lane conveyor area or gently interspersed in the multi-lane transport.

Harmonious container flow for full line efficiency

Conveyor belts from the modular HEUFT conveyor construction kit have a specially adapted mechanism and chain arrangement so that containers do not get caught or even fall over on such overruns. Together with intelligent conveyor control this ensures full stability and a reduced risk of glass breakage even in the high-speed range. And for significantly less noise and downtime in the uninterrupted single- or multi-lane container flow. The container transport system which can be flexibly assembled from a wide variety of components and curve radii is pre-configured in the software and can be integrated into existing lines without any problems.

Or HEUFT can take over the competent planning and construction of complete lines including all the container conveyors and a completely comprehensive line control system for a harmoniously controlled container flow and simply more overall efficiency, productivity and sustainability in the filling and packaging process!