Genuine cutting-edge technology for all!
HEUFT will be making premium standard at drinktec! Experience the unique combination of the latest cutting-edge technology and proven modules. It sets new standards in terms of detection accuracy, operational reliability and price / performance ratio during an in-line quality inspection. You can observe here how this is achieved: experience the development process of a new HEUFT system – from the first flash of inspiration to the end product ready for serial production! You'll find a new video here on a monthly basis which examines each individual development step intensively!



Research, development and perfecting: Here you can experience the first steps of the emergence of innovative HEUFT devices.


Draft. Construction. Modification.

Planning, preparation and optimisation: here you can experience the construction and adaptation of new components and electronic parts for innovative HEUFT devices.


Setup. Composition. Implementation.

Arrangement, integration and finalisation: here you can experience the actual manufacture from module integration and wiring to the finished new development of innovative HEUFT devices.


Equipment. Testing. Acceptance.

Configuration, quality assurance and approval: here you can experience the individual adaptation and arrangement from teaching in specific containers and faults to checking the detection performance up to the FAT of innovative HEUFT devices.


Packing. Loading. Dispatch.

Packaging, securing and delivery: here you can experience the correct packing and loading for the careful and safe transport of innovative HEUFT devices.


Setting up. Showcasing. Showing surprise.

Presentation, demonstration and fascination: here you can experience how successful the exhibition debut of the new development was at drinktec 2017. Premium becomes standard!