Intelligent motion

In the meantime a large assortment of bottles amongst returned empties is part of the daily routine for the fillers of returnables. In practice this presents a problem in that there is no continuous bottle flow to the washing machine or filler. A loss in output is the inevitable result.

For many years now the technology of the HEUFT LGX returned case sorting system has established itself in the beverage industry sector. It is possible to evaluate a case optimally by means of the most varied inspection methods e.g. camera inspection using the transmitted as well as the incident light principle, ultrasonic or X-ray checks.

Foreign or faulty cases are then rejected by appropriate rejection systems such as the HEUFT maxi-flip.

Due to its design the HEUFT maxi-flip is fitted to the side of the conveyor. The HEUFT company now offers another new product as an alternative combining the outstanding rejection technology of the HEUFT maxi-flip with further benefits such as a modified design which saves space: the new HEUFT maxi-laner rejector.

It is possible to distribute cases from one onto three lanes effectively as well as reject them outwards from adjacent double conveyors with this compact system. Cases with differing weights are always pushed over evenly onto a defined lane due to the load-controlled control system. When compared to other lane distribution solutions the HEUFT maxi-laner has proved that it handles case materials especially gently. The result is a minimum of mechanical stress as well as low-noise operation.

The HEUFT maxi-laner is yet another HEUFT module which increases the efficiency of your installation.