- a device series with many possibilities!

The HEUFT SPECTRUM devices have been designed as a universal standard model with an extensive system of modular components for inspection devices to be used in the packaging and beverage industries. Continuous development ensures that the devices are always in line with the latest technical advances. Retrofitting does not present a problem due to the modular design and the strict upwards compatibility. Series devices can be upgraded in accordance with the latest technological developments even after many years of service.

For example, standard HEUFT SPECTRUM devices, which are more than 10 years old, can be equipped with the latest TX inspection technology with networking capability. Therefore the devices can always be adapted to new container types and tasks on a technical level. In addition to the possibility of always being able to update the devices the use of upwards compatible components has a further advantage: components from older machines, which are no longer available on the world market, can be easily replaced by those of the same standard or better.

The electronic parts of the devices are installed in compact casing with integrated height adjustment devices for inspection modules. The stable stand-alone device support is unaffected by vibrations from the conveyor belts. The waterproof casing is mounted above the conveyor to save space. The interchangeable electronic components from the SPECTRUM can be used for all the HEUFT devices and machines with the exception of the HEUFT basic, logic and fluid devices. This ensures a high spare parts compatibility which makes it possible to deliver the necessary spare parts without delay should the need arise.


HEUFT TX technology makes it possible to integrate the devices via the Industrial Ethernet with local networks. They can be operated and maintained with the HEUFT PILOT operating surface from a standard PC, laptop, waterproof TX terminal or a terminal integrated into the devices. The graphical operating surface with on-line help and illustrated on-line spare parts lists is suitable for intuitive operation. The principles are the same for all HEUFT devices. Consequently, the training of personnel is very easy.


Service tools are integrated into the operating system to provide the user with further assistance. They range from reporting and warning systems for the automatic self-test procedure to oscilloscopes and logic analysers and offer maintenance personnel comprehensive help, also via a network, for analysing faults with the devices or along sections of the bottling line under their control. A simple additional module, the HEUFT Gate (a proxy server), makes it possible to connect the networked systems to the outside world. The integrated firewall ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the data and that unauthorized access is prevented. The HEUFT PILOT software enables remote service and remote maintenance but also on-line access from external PCs via point-to-point telephone connections or the Internet.


The use of HEUFT DDE and SQL servers within the network enables the open exchange of data for the acquisition of operating data and also to standard office software packages without problems and without requiring additional programming. Every user with computer knowledge can now organize his own reports and evaluations but also production logs with "current on-line" counter and performance data from the inspection and labelling equipment.


The HEUFT company offers a great variety of standard devices from this modular system to meet the requirements of a packaging or filling line. The open modular design of the HEUFT SPECTRUM can be extended at a later stage with additional customized solutions. In this way the devices can be adapted to new tasks at any time.