Total transparency - the HEUFT X-ray inspector

A scenario which you do not even want to think about: you arrive home from doing sport, go to the refrigerator because you are extremely thirsty and take a bottle of fruit juice. However the satisfaction of quenching your thirst is painfully ruined - there is a piece of glass in the fruit juice.

Alone the thought of such an experience makes you shudder. Can a bottle really be so dangerous? Now and then the answer to this question is "yes". Glass non-returnable bottles in particular are often filled after depalletizing without being subjected to any additional checks. In some cases the cleaning carried out by a rinser is not sufficient for rinsing foreign objects out of a container. Furthermore it can occur during the filling and/or closing process that a piece of glass is knocked off by a production machine.


How can you detect a foreign object in a non-transparent product? The HEUFT X-ray inspector can using X-ray technology. The product is X-rayed during transport and the resulting picture evaluated. Apart from broken glass other foreign objects can be detected such as stones and pieces of metal. This is not only possible in glass containers. Plastic bottles, metal cans and drink cartons can also be inspected. After the detection procedure an automatic rejector ensures that the containers concerned do not come on the market. Two proven technologies have been combined in the foreign object check: on the one hand the image processing card HEUFT reflexx, developed by the HEUFT company, and on the other hand the further development of the X-ray technology used in the HEUFT VGX full crate check.


The HEUFT foreign object check ensures that only products which have been tested and found to be safe reach the consumer. Nothing stands in the way now of the perfect refreshment after doing sport.