Company excels in providing apprenticeships

The HEUFT group of companies welcomes 13 young people at the beginning of their apprenticeship/training programme.

HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH is an important partner for companies of the beverage and food industry all over the world. Training young specialists is a decisive success factor in the company´s role as a leader in the field of technology.

Providing new recruits with qualified training is given top priority at HEUFT.  The company trainers attach importance to the professional as well as the social development of the apprentices/trainees.  The mutual aim is:  to be fit for the forthcoming challenges.


The following apprentices/trainees joined HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH at the beginning of the apprenticeship/training year 2006:  3 electronic technicians for industrial engineering, 2 industrial clerks, 4 industrial mechanics, 1 IT systems electronic technician, 1 draughtswoman in addition to continued training for 2 chemical workers/laboratory assistants at the SIMACO GMBH company.  The HEUFT group of companies now employs a total of 37 apprentices/trainees.


In the meantime applications are being accepted for the apprenticeship/training year 2007.  Applications in writing are welcomed by those who are interested in embarking on a career.