The HEUFT squeezer QA

- only leakproof bottles pass the test

There are many reasons why a container leaks. HEUFT´s latest developments provide the beverage industry with the optimum in detection technology for every product and every type of fault.

The HEUFT sonic, HEUFT exciter and all the different variants of the HEUFT VISION offer a wide range of options for a variety of tasks. A combination of proven detection technology and mechanical components has now closed the last gap in the field of plastic bottles.

The HEUFT squeezer QA falls back on the vast experience gained in linear bottle transport with empty bottle inspectors. The containers are guided by a belt drive that exerts a pressure, which is measured out in precise doses, on the bottles. If there is a leak in the bottle, gas escapes from the headspace and the fill level in the bottle rises. If the bottle is leakproof the fill level remains almost the same because the gas is only slightly compressed. Even the smallest leakage in a plastic container can be detected by comparative fill level measurements in pressureless and pressurized conditions. Tried and tested guide belts, which handle the bottles with utmost care, ensure that the bottles are not damaged.


This procedure is used to detect faults that cannot be measured using optical inspections or electromagnetic excitation. There is a complete range of fill level check modules available for measuring fill levels. The most varied types of products and closures can be inspected with this range. Due to its modular method of construction the integration of further inspection devices is possible. The HEUFT squeezer QA takes up the minimum of space and can be incorporated into an existing production line without any problems.