drinktec: Bright ideas at the enlightenment station

For full detection reliability and lowest false rejection rates, we are not only continuously developing our smart image processing. Intelligent imaging technologies are at least as relevant - from the patented rainbow color illumination to the newly developed Multi Color Image Processing. At drinktec, you can try out for yourself what this technology makes possible.

Artificial intelligence for image conversion and analysis with smart filters and algorithms is one thing. HEUFT reflexx A.I has been offering this for more than ten years. However, we do not only continuously develop our image processing hardware and software further in order to achieve full detection reliability and the lowest false rejection rates. Intelligent imaging technologies are at least as important - from high-performance cameras to special lighting for difficult cases. At drinktec, we will also be showing real innovations and promising development scenarios in this area:


In addition to our self-developed HEUFT reflexx A.I camera in which adaptive LED illumination is integrated as well as smart image analysis this applies above all to the patented rainbow illumination and the Multi Color Image Processing (MCIP), for which a patent has recently been applied for, which has already proved itself in the best possible way in the pharmaceutical primary packaging inspection.


Patented rainbow color illumination

In all-surface empty bottle inspection, the innovative special illumination in the colors of the rainbow now makes even the smallest chipping and shell fractures on the outer edge of the mouth of clear glass bottles much easier to detect. And during the all-surface full bottle inspection with the HEUFT eXaminer II XOS it clearly distinguishes harmless drops of water from tablet blisters or broken glass in the bottle.


In an interaction of artificial intelligence and human experience during the automatic image analysis it namely makes it possible to include additional parameters - such as the refraction of light or the sequence of rainbow colors: In the case of chipping and chipping at the mouth and clear glass shards in the white glass bottle, for example, the latter is interrupted and displayed mirror-inverted in the water drop, while it remains unchanged in the blister. The search for inverted or interrupted color gradients thus forms the basis for reliable differentiation between harmless and critical objects.


Multi Color Image Processing with a promising future

MCIP is already putting pharmaceutical containers in the right multi-color light, using smart processing of the individual color channels to extract a wide variety of features and properties from just a single image and to make previously unrecognizable things visible. Where previously transmitted and reflected light applications only required several differently positioned optical detection modules only one HEUFT reflexx A.I camera in each case now does all this at once in a resource saving and space saving manner - and from one and the same perspective.


This newly developed Multi Color Image Processing will also certainly offer a great deal of potential for a considerably improved detection performance in the future for the full-cover sidewall inspection of empty beverage bottles made of white glass with embossings and other structures which are difficult to inspect.


At drinktec 2022, you can already experience exactly what all this brings. And even try it out yourself. Several so-called Enlightenment stations will be available for this purpose at the HEUFT stand B4-319/513 where all the new developments and visions for the future of the technology leader can be demonstrated vividly and put through their paces from the new "drop filter" in real-time image processing with the HEUFT reflexx A.I to the patented rainbow illumination and MCIP. You should not miss this!