HEUFT is an AEO!

Officially certified reliability:  HEUFT has been an Authorised Economic Operator for international delivery traffic since the end of April.

Those working with HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH have known this for a long time:  the German manufacturer of superior systems for sustainable quality assurance when filling and packaging beverages, food and pharmaceuticals is "particularly reliable and trustworthy".  The relevant main customs office in Koblenz has now officially confirmed this – with certification of the company as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

The combined AEO approval has been effective since the end of April granting HEUFT and its customers in the entire European Union, the USA, Japan, the People's Republic of China and an increasing number of new states genuine simplifications and benefits regarding customs clearance.

Strict requirements met

Thus according to EU customs law HEUFT has now achieved the status of an audited company which fulfils numerous strict criteria and is therefore often granted approval for customs procedures with economic impact without a further extensive examination of the documents or additional inspection of the goods particularly with regard to packaging and shipping procedures.  The complete customs clearance process is therefore considerably less bureaucratic and faster especially for HEUFT customers in third countries.

The combined AEO approval which aims to protect the total international supply chain as comprehensively as possible is rated positively even with regard to other security related measures.  In addition the status of an Authorised Economic Operator is something like a seal of approval:  companies with it are considered to be "particularly reliable and trustworthy".  HEUFT is now officially one of them!