An oblique but clear view

New options of the compact HEUFT eXaminer II XS optimise the detection reliability during a pulsed radiometric lateral inspection. Not only foreign objects on the container base become even more visible in this way.

Space-saving, powerful and flexible: the HEUFT eXaminer II XS is already enjoying an extremely high demand shortly after its market launch. No wonder! After all the turnkey solution achieves maximum detection reliability in the tightest of spaces during the pulsed X-ray inspection of food cans, doypacks, beverage cans or carton packaging at the end of the line: dangerous high density foreign objects in the product are identified carefully and precisely.

The compact system of the new generation can be extended by further modules and equipped with one or two lateral X-ray strobes (depending on the height of the full packaging to be inspected) in order to ensure that the inspection always covers the entire fill volume. Foreign objects such as small pieces of metal or hard plastic fragments can be seen twice where two X-ray flashes overlap – from two different perspectives thus again increasing the detection accuracy significantly. In addition the use of two strobes makes the complete inspection of particularly large size containers with a straight view of the sensitive area of the fill line possible. The compact version with only one X-ray generator is quite sufficient for simpler applications with smaller packaging formats.


Oblique X-ray flash for a more precise base inspection

The modular HEUFT eXaminer II XS can now also examine the special area alone where only a base inspection is required as in the case of liquid products in carton packaging or other weakly absorbent packaging materials – with an "unfolded" base view carried out by the HEUFT reflexx² image processing system. Therefore small foreign objects lying flat on the bottom of the packaging are even clearer. A special "oblique" alignment during the flashing process with only one generator and image converter is a completely new option for tall containers and packaging where the entire volume has to be examined. It not only makes it possible to identify foreign objects on the base but also covers all the areas of the packaging. A new type of full surface image converter not only provides an unprecedented dimension in sensitivity but also ensures that each X-ray pulse covers a much larger area of the container than before. An effective principle which has been taken over from the even more extensive double base inspection for a reliable glass in glass detection with the fully equipped HEUFT eXaminer II XAC.

The new HEUFT eXaminer II XS version requires considerably less space when compared with this premium system. The HEUFT SPECTRUM II head as the central control unit of the highly automated modular solution can be positioned almost anywhere even far away from the actual X-ray stations in contrast to the HEUFT eXaminer II XAC which is the first choice especially for food jars with material and design structures which are difficult to inspect. In addition further detections can be connected to this – among other things for a detailed label and closure inspection or for the reading and reliable verification of product markings.


Flexible turnkey solution

This makes the new HEUFT eXaminer II XS a real turnkey solution at the end of the line which can be tailored to a wide range of requirements and applications flexibly and provides clear results not only for the targeted detection of foreign objects.