Professional training at HEUFT? Very good!

What was already true in 2021 has also been confirmed this year: the best trainees in the Koblenz district of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce have completed their vocational training at HEUFT! This means that the medium-sized family company is once again one of the best training companies in the region.

All the HEUFT trainees who took their final examinations this summer passed them with flying colors.

Kristina Lung and Peter Portugall who completed their training as IT specialists and industrial mechanics respectively with the top grade very good were particularly successful. Two of the best trainees in the area covered by the Koblenz Chamber of Industry and Commerce have thus learned here in Burgbrohl what really matters in their professions.

As a leading developer and manufacturer of the most modern control and inspection technology for more safety, quality and efficiency in the filling and packaging of drinks, food and pharmaceuticals HEUFT places the highest value on sound in-house training. The medium-sized family company has therefore been offering young people optimum training conditions in theory and practice for more than 40 years.

Successful training at HEUFT and SIMACO

This summer a total of 19 young people have once again started their apprenticeships in the companies of the HEUFT group which also includes SIMACO GMBH as a competent manufacturer of inkjet printing inks and highly specialized varnishes:

Four of them are training to become mechatronics engineers, three each to become electronics engineers for industrial engineering and two to become industrial mechanics. In addition one trainee each as an electronics technician for devices and systems and as an IT systems electronics technician will start their apprenticeship at HEUFT. While three young men and only one young woman are starting their trainee program as industrial clerks this time one new female apprentice has again decided on the profession of IT specialist and another wants to become a warehouse logistics specialist. SIMACO is training one new chemical technician and one chemical laboratory technician.

The young people are thus starting their careers in a company which, for the second year in succession, has been officially certified by the Koblenz Chamber of Industry and Commerce as having "carried out training with very good results", which "deserves special recognition". So the prospects are correspondingly promising that  soon they will once again be among the best trainees with the best final examination results.