"Best trainees" at HEUFT!

Well-founded, practice-oriented, excellent: The in-house training at HEUFT is one of the best in the northern Rhineland-Palatinate. This has been officially certified by the Koblenz Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for the medium-sized family business. The prospects for the new apprentice class of 2021 are correspondingly promising.

A total of 13 trainees have recently started their professional lives at HEUFT and SIMACO – and thus at a group of companies which the IHK Koblenz has just attested "special recognition" for the "very good success" of its in-house training: The best trainees are trained here with us "with excellent results" – and have the best career prospects.

With a high chance of being taken on after completing their apprenticeship, three of them each are trained at HEUFT as mechatronics engineers and electronics engineers for industrial engineering, one each as an industrial mechanic, IT specialist and IT systems electronics engineer and three as industrial clerks.

And at SIMACO, the subsidiary of the leading supplier of control, inspection and labelling technology for a faultless filling and packaging process, a prospective chemical laboratory assistant and an apprentice as a chemical scorer are learning everything that is needed to develop inks, paints and varnishes for industrial marking in their own laboratory.

We are proud and happy that, even in times of pandemic, we were once again able to offer apprenticeships to a customary high number of young people and wish them all a good start and much success!