BrauBeviale: Switch over and get started with labelling!

Unit changeover made easy: with a smart transport wagon developed and manufactured in-house, modular labelling machines from HEUFT will soon be even quicker and easier to change over. At Stand 8-104 at BrauBeviale 2023 in Nuremberg we will be demonstrating how this can sustainably automate the flexible exchange of labelling stations in the future.

Flexibility when it comes to labelling! The semi-modular HEUFT TORNADO II dynamic achieves this simply because it can be equipped with up to four electrically linked labelling stations. This enables the simultaneous wet-glue labelling of the front, back and neck areas of up to 60,000 bottles per hour with just one machine. Or a clever combination of wet glue, self-adhesive and wrap-around labelling.

For simply easy changeovers, all labelling units can already be exchanged without too much effort. At BrauBeviale 2023 we will be demonstrating in advance just how quickly and easily this can work in future with the HEUFT TORNADO II switch:

Automatic exchange

The high-performance labeller of the new generation which will soon be available will be completely modular – with labelling stations which, unlike the semi-modular HEUFT machine, are not permanently mounted but can be exchanged without tools and without any special prior knowledge. Releasing and docking as well as transporting the heavy units to and from the machine will then be simply easy and can be done semi-automatically or even completely automatically – with a smart vehicle for omnidirectional maneuvers, which can be experienced live as a study at the capital goods fair for the international beverage industry in Nuremberg.

Unlike other suppliers, not every single one of the interchangeable labelling stations is equipped with rolls so that they can be laboriously moved by hand when required. Instead, Mecanum wheels, which can be used to move them in any direction at any time, are located exclusively under the smart transport cart. This automatically carries the respective modules, which can thus remain much more compact, to the labeller or back to the storage area. And – regardless of the respective ground conditions on site – it also offers the necessary millimeter-precise repeatability when docking and undocking.

Resource-saving changeover

Particularly the big players in the brewing and beverage industry, but also other bottlers such as spirits producers with a wide variety of stock keeping units, brands and equipment variants, will soon be able to benefit from significantly faster, more convenient and resource-saving changeovers: just switch over and get started with labelling! This will prevent lengthy downtimes and sustainably increase the efficiency and productivity of entire filling lines.

We thus expect a correspondingly high level of interest for the live premiere of the first prototype of our smart vehicle at BrauBeviale. You can see it in action at stand 8-104!