Together for more efficiency and sustainability!

Saving energy, reducing emissions and achieving green development. The Chinese liquid food industry is also pursuing these goals. How they can be achieved was the focus of a meeting between Wang Xin, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Light Industry Machinery Association (CLIMA), and Jürgen Kurz, HEUFT Regional Director for Asia, in Beijing at the end of June 2023.

The two also reviewed their friendly relations and the development of the beverage machinery sector over the past two decades. Jürgen Kurz is one of the founders of HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH and in 2003 he also established the Chinese subsidiary HEUFT Systems Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. which has regularly taken part in the China Brew and Beverage (CBB) exhibition since 2002. It is not only because this important trade fair is hosted by CLIMA that he and the association, which has been the sole representative of the whole of the Chinese light machinery industry since 1989 and supports it among other things in the implementation of standards and regulations as well as in the promotion of innovative technologies, have maintained an intensive partnership for many years.

Energy saving through line optimisation

Kurz thanked the association for this during the recent meeting and cordially invited it to pay a return visit to HEUFT in Shanghai. With regard to energy saving, emission reduction, carbon footprint minimization and environmental protection he supports China’s efforts to promote a green development and a harmonious coexistence of man and nature. HEUFT could make an important contribution to the realization of this vision. Therefore Kurz would like to intensify the cooperation with CLIMA in this field as well.

After Zhao Yue, Director of the General Business Department at CLIMA, had briefly presented the work of the association Kurz demonstrated what is possible with conveyor solutions and targeted line optimization from HEUFT in order to realize energy-saving filling lines with a lean carbon footprint.

More efficient filling lines

Using the concrete example of an actually optimized filling line with HEUFT conveyor belts and smart HEUFT synchron belt control the experienced expert showed how almost half of the material, a good third of the space and dozens of belt motors can be saved – and therefore over 67 kilowatts of connected load! Extrapolated to more than 680 Chinese breweries with a total of around 1,500 filling lines, this would result in energy savings of more than 250,000 megawatt hours and a reduction in climate-damaging C02 emissions of more than 52,000 tons!

Jürgen Kurz's assessment of the application potential of such intelligent technologies in China is correspondingly promising. Wang Xin thanked him for explaining these technical achievements and once again summarized in her own words her detailed understanding of the HEUFT intelligent bottle transport system. Just like the technology leader's advanced in-line inspection systems, it has already contributed a lot to the modernization of the industry, environmentally friendly and low-carbon development and improvement of product quality in the Chinese liquid food industry over the years, Wang said. She hoped HEUFT would continue to expand its already close cooperation with the association in the future, not only in terms of standard-setting technological communication.

In addition, technology promotion topics were also on the agenda at the meeting, which was also attended by Chen Guoqiang, head of project management of HEUFT Systems Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Wu Chunli, senior secretary of CLIMA.