Congratulations on fifty years from the almost forty year old

HEUFT wishes and delivers only the best to "Die Freien Brauer" not only on the anniversary of the "Deutsche Brau-Kooperation".

HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH as long time supporter and proven supplier congratulates the "Deutsche Brau-Kooperation" (German Brewing Cooperation), which among other things is committed to maintaining the wide variety of beers and breweries in Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries, on its 50th anniversary which will be celebrated in style in the middle of March.  As a medium-sized family business founded almost 40 years ago the leading supplier of modular in-line quality assurance systems has accompanied the organisation of autonomous family breweries also known as the "Die Freie Brauer" (the independent brewers) for a significant part of their successful journey.

Shortly after the company was founded in April 1979 HEUFT supplied the first members of the initiative with innovative solutions for sustainable quality assurance in the bottling hall.  From Bofferding to Wieninger, from empty bottle inspection to full container check and labelling:  today the majority of "Die Freien Brauer" rely on HEUFT solutions in order to uphold the quality as well as the safety of their products and packaging materials whilst at the same time increasing the efficiency of complete filling lines.

Safeguarding best beer quality and full diversity

Thus the technology leader actively helps to safeguard exactly that which the merger of medium-sized private breweries includes in its "seven values":  "best quality"!  Namely HEUFT ensures with the right equipment that the highest level of freshness and purity of the respective beer specialities achieved during the brewing process is also maintained during and after filling and that the customer only receives genuine beer in safe, uncontaminated packaging material.

This reinforces the image of "Die Freie Brauer" organised in the "Deutsche Brau-Kooperation" and thus safeguards the unique variety of beer specialities and breweries which they have to offer – for the next 50 years too.