ENOMAQ 2019: pure wine in perfect bottles

The spectrum on the HEUFT stand at the ENOMAQ exhibition in Zaragoza at the end of February 2019 ranges from new and further developments for an entry to an empty bottle inspection and full container check when bottling wine to a detailed examination of the product clarity and closure safety.


Latest technologies for the wine and drinks industry:  the solutions presented live on the ENOMAQ stand of HEUFT HISPANIA, S.A.U. are completely consistent with the focus of the international trade fair.  For example the turbidity detection in the HEUFT FinalView II CAP which reliably identifies full wine bottles with cloudy contents and removes them consistently is truly innovative.

However this examination of the product clarity is not the only function of the add-on module for the full container inspectors and fill management systems of the new generation.  It also carries out a complete all-around inspection of the bottle closures and their safety elements.

From cork position to roll on inspection

The fit, correct depth and alignment of the wine corks are verified just as reliably by it as the accurate flanging of the agrafes of the champagne bottles and the correct position of their wire loops.  The HEUFT FinalView II CAP identifies non-brand and damaged capsules with high precision as well.  And the integrated roll on inspection for screw closures, such as Long and Stelvin caps, checks the presence, continuity, characteristics and profile depth of the thread turns so that only tightly sealed wine bottles which can be opened easily and safely can pass through.

Also to be experienced live and in action at ENOMAQ:  the new HEUFT InLine II IR for entry to a true all-surface inspection of empty wine bottles and the space-saving HEUFT ONE full container check.  The latter checks the filling quantity and the closure presence of oil bottles directly on the conveyor belt in line with OLEOMAQ the international trade fair for equipment for the production and bottling of olive oil which takes place simultaneously.
Therefore you will not only find the right HEUFT innovations at the trade fair for pure wine in perfect bottles:
ENOMAQ, 26 February - 1 March 2019, Pavilion 8, Stand B-C/3-4, Feria de Zaragoza, Spain.