Enomaq 2023: Fault-free wine filling

Everything you need for sustainable in-line quality assurance in the filling and packaging process of wines and wine-based drinks is available from HEUFT! For example the compact HEUFT ONE for a full container check which we will be exhibiting at the Enomaq stand BC 11-12 at the Feria Zaragoza from 14 to 17 February 2023.

From glass-in-glass detection in empty and filled wine bottles to checking the cork seat, from the fill level check to the detection of clouded contents, from labelling to label inspection: Bottlers keep the safety and quality of the packaging and product high with HEUFT equipment – any faulty drinks container is reliably identified and consistently rejected.

X-ray fill level check and more

This also applies to slim aluminum cans, which are increasingly being filled with wine, sparkling wine and mixed wine beverages. An X-ray measuring bridge is best used to check the fill level of these non-transparent packaging materials. Such as that in the HEUFT ONE full container check which the HEUFT HISPANIA, S.A.U. exhibition team will be demonstrating live at stand BC 11-12 at the Enomaq exhibition: It identifies underfills with high precision.

In order to detect and reject overfilled wine cans at the same time a completely new module for a double X-ray fill level check can alternatively be integrated into the space-saving entry-level device which takes care of both at once. And of course it can also be integrated into the HEUFT PRIME and the HEUFT SPECTRUM II VX for a more comprehensive full container check and a sustainable fill management.

Visitors to the trade fair should take a closer look at how well all this and much more works in a very small space: Enomaq 2023, 14 to 17 February, Stand BC 11-12, Feria Zaragoza,