HEUFT@ACHEMA: the market has been waiting for this!

A continuous inspection instead of random checks, X-ray flash instead of a permanent beam and smooth linear operation instead of a harsh rotary machine:  HEUFT showed real innovations at ACHEMA 2015 which ensure that only perfectly packaged and counterfeit-proof pharmaceutical products reach the patient.  This struck a chord with the industry!

Above all the new solution for checking difficult to identify 2D matrix codes in the glass of primary packaging created a sensation amongst the ACHEMA visitors.  A large number of potential customers took the direct route from the GEA stand, where it was integrated into the load system of a freeze dryer, to the HEUFT exhibition presence in order to examine it more closely again – and were impressed!

No wonder:  after all the clear verification and the grading of the tiny GS1 markings even function when the coded vials have not been specially aligned.  Furthermore the innovative technology also scored points with its real-time process data management for full traceability and its reliable operation in the laminar flow area.

The long-awaited solution

"We have been waiting for something like this for a long time" was the opinion of many a visitor to the exhibition.  Johannes Selch, Product Manager ALUS™ at GEA, could only confirm this.  He describes the response to the solution which HEUFT together with GEA and SCHOTT, the vial manufacturer responsible for the coding, offer as a complete package as "extremely high and positive in every respect".

The same applies to the pulsed X-ray technology which not only identifies foreign objects in the product reliably and carefully but also bent cannulas and the pierced protective covers of syringes.  The ACHEMA visitors could also see this for themselves at the exhibition presence of groninger.  A system of the specialist for filling and packaging technology regarding pharmaceutical products was equipped with the HEUFT Syringer module there.

Efficient performance

The high detection accuracy of the unique X-ray strobes during the careful integrity examination of hypodermic needles and filled primary packaging using the brand new HEUFT eXaminer II XB could be experienced on the HEUFT stand itself.  The top-down inspector was also convincing because it can examine particularly large-sized products – and even two smaller ones at the same time.  In addition the pulsed X-ray technology which is available exclusively from HEUFT can carry out a static inspection in contrast to conventional X-ray scanners.  It produces clear images of the product to be examined even when the conveyor has stopped.  The high performance of its HEUFT SPECTRUM II control unit and the self-explanatory audiovisual HEUFT NaVi user guidance ensure an easy, resource efficient operation:  the system can be mastered quickly and used directly and safely without time-consuming training courses.

The other exhibited systems for the sustainable quality inspection of empty and filled pharmaceutical containers were also met with great interest.  As modular complete solutions they not only find faults but also reject the products in question straight away.  Their consistent linear operation make them stand out from conventional pharmaceutical inspection machines:  they do not require a container carousel, starwheels, worms, gripper or change parts.  This makes them extremely compact and fast brand and product changes possible almost without any manual intervention.  In addition this ensures that sensitive primary packaging is not handled too harshly.  After all they should track down defects and not produce them themselves.