Technological excellence at Korea Pack

Faster, higher, stronger: the Olympic spirit did not just reign at the Winter Games in South Korea. After that it's also all about top performance and new records there. The next fixture is almost upon us not long after the major sporting event: the Korea Pack! HEUFT will be showing real state-of-the-art technologies there in the middle of April which all deserve a gold medal for quality, safety and efficiency when filling and packaging food, drinks and pharmaceuticals.

The leading technology company will show what it has to offer regarding in-line inspections from the new, particularly compact and easy to integrate HEUFT ONE metal detector to the HEUFT eXaminer II XB which also makes contaminants comprising other materials such as minute glass splinters in food packaging visible using unique pulsed X-ray technology – and a specially developed solution which makes a reliable examination of the position of the vial stopper in the hygienically demanding laminar flow areas of pharmaceutical lines possible and therefore provides maximum medicinal product safety.

Therefore the Olympic motto "faster, higher, stronger" also applies after the games when it comes to quality assurance along packaging lines. Fans of true top performance should not miss out on this – it's all about being there: Korea Pack, 17 – 20 April 2018, Stand 5A309, Korea International Exhibition Center, Seoul.