HEUFT VIRTUAL 2020: exhibition visit with full safety distance!

Even if exhibition visitors are not allowed to shake hands in person then they can do so virtually: our new online showroom is going online at the end of May! Beverage, food and pharmaceutical producers will be able to experience from a safe distance at the end of May exactly what the leading supplier of in-line inspection systems originally intended to showcase at the major industry meetings of the year which cannot take place this year due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Maintaining the necessary safety distance in times like these is more important than ever. So it's really good that modern HEUFT devices can be easily controlled online. And that they not only make line analysis in real time but also maintenance services, VATs and even complete audits possible remotely using cutting-edge network and IT technologies. It is therefore only logical that HEUFT is also moving its exhibition presence into virtual space this year: our new virtual showroom is going online on 25 May.

You can experience from a safe distance how HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK 4.0. not only ensures the quality and safety of products and packaging but also the efficiency and productivity of complete filling and packaging lines for beverages, food and pharmaceuticals: a 360° tour provides all the visitors with a full overview of the new systems and services which the technology leader has to offer.

Experience the performance of innovative inspection systems live

A chat tool makes a direct exchange with competent HEUFT experts possible in order to find exactly the right solution together for simply more safety, quality and efficiency during the filling and packaging process. Virtual live demonstrations as well as extensive video conferences help to deepen the knowledge about the performance of network-compatible HEUFT systems of the new generation.

The above-mentioned technologies, tools and services for remote diagnosis and maintenance in particular as well as those for location-independent acceptances and audits are among the highlights of the virtual exhibition presence especially in times of social distancing. In addition new and further developed HEUFT systems for the reliable sorting of empty beverage containers, for a full coverage empty can inspection and for a reliable glass in glass detection in full containers will be shown there. Food manufacturers can already look forward to the presentation of modern systems for a careful and precise foreign object detection at the end-of-line with unique pulsed X-rays. And the current topic of pre-filled syringe and full vial inspection is on the agenda especially for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The HEUFT VIRTUAL 2020 in-house exhibition offers exactly those highlights which interested parties could have originally discovered and experienced at the cancelled industry meetings but from a safe distance and a single source.