Identifying faulty pharmaceutical packaging? But certainly!

Quality, safety, efficiency and traceability when filling and packaging pharmaceutical products:  HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH will be showcasing innovative in-house solutions which continuously guarantee this at ACHEMA 2015 (Stand C57 / Hall 3.1) in Frankfurt / Main from 15 to 19 June.

Modular HEUFT devices, which can be flexibly equipped, for the in-line quality inspection of empty and filled pharmaceutical packaging in a resource efficient straight-through system:  they can be seen live and in action at the world forum for the process industry!  The spectrum ranges from the optical vial inspection, the unique X-ray strobes for the specific detection of contaminated, defective and incomplete syringes, cannulas or blister packs to the fill level detection and leakage check of infusion bottles:  HEUFT will be showing extremely efficient systems live and in action.

X-ray flash instead of a permanent beam

The highly automated HEUFT eXaminer II XB which identifies glass and metal particles in the product with unequalled precision using pulsed X-ray technology is amongst the highlights.  The HEUFT systems send out X-ray flashes which only last a millisecond in contrast to conventional X-ray scanners which emit radiation continuously.  And that only when there really is a product to be inspected in the inspection area.  There is absolutely no emission for 99% of the operating period.

Furthermore HEUFT will be showing a new solution for code verification which includes real-time process data management in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11.  It guarantees the consistent traceability of pharmaceutical primary packaging and in doing so helps to prevent drug counterfeiting effectively.

Reliably identifying foreign matter, faulty filling and leaks

The following can also be seen on the HEUFT stand:  the HEUFT InLine IS for the continuous all-around inspection of vials, infusion and injection bottles before the filling process.  The HEUFT spotter PH identifies full containers for parenteral drugs with safety risks such as contamination, foreign substances, cracks and scratches reliably and rejects them immediately.  Furthermore the HEUFT VX and the HEUFT squeezer QS will be presented for checking the fill level, closure and tightness.  These linear systems carry out a precise inspection of each individual product as well as fast and simple product changes, completely without change parts, due to the high degree of automation and clearly reproducible brand adjustments.