More reliability in the X-ray based detection of foreign bodies

Specially developed X-ray tubes and further optimised X-ray components increase the lifetime of modular HEUFT eXaminer II systems for the reliable identification of foreign objects in food.

A system for the detection of contaminants can only be successfully declared as a critical control point within the framework of an HACCP concept if it is permanently functional and available. After all, food manufacturers do not want to risk putting goods on the market that have not been examined correctly or not at all for dangerous foreign matter. The risk of costly recalls with the corresponding negative consequences for the brand image is too high.
In addition to full detection and rejection reliability, foreign body detection also requires the highest level of operational reliability and failure safety! Modular end-of-line systems of the HEUFT eXaminer II series fulfil these important criteria more than ever with pulsed X-ray technology which was developed completely in-house and has been approved for use in the construction industry: extensive in-house tests have shown that the longevity of the X-ray generators and receivers has increased considerably and field experience with foreign object inspectors of the new generation which have already been installed confirms this positive trend with the HEUFT X-ray tube which was developed in-house.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is drastically reduced; the HEUFT eXaminer II systems remain fully functional and available for a considerably longer time.



Longer lifetime, more sensitivity

Even if the performance of individual X-ray components should gradually deteriorate there is no reason to worry: the user is automatically informed proactively long before they can fail completely so that he still has enough time for preventive maintenance in good time. As a particularly important component, the filament is even integrated twice. If one fails, the other one takes over immediately - completely automatically, without manual intervention. This sensible redundancy makes it possible to continue full production even in such a case, without impairing the detection reliability, the performance and the entire output of the filling and packaging line. The affected generator can then simply be replaced during a maintenance break without any unplanned interruption of production.


Whether for top-down inspection of thermoformed trays, lateral inspection of cans and stand-up pouches, gapless bottom and sidewall inspection of sensitive baby food jars or numerous other applications: The millisecond-short X-ray pulses now not only penetrate significantly more extensive packaging volumes and product quantities to gently and precisely identify tiny high-density foreign objects such as metal particles and glass splinters. A clear plus in sensitivity for the better detection of weaker absorbing objects such as bone or plastic fragments is also provided by new full-field image converters for which HEUFT can now guarantee a lifetime of eight years within the framework of an existing maintenance contract and a free replacement within this period in the case of a defect.*


Higher reliability, lower TCO

HEUFT eXaminer II systems therefore now achieve a new dimension in operational reliability and availability for a consistently high detection performance with full productivity. They can therefore be declared as critical checkpoints within the framework of a consistent HACCP concept without any hesitation. Their impressive range of functions for effective foreign object management also facilitates certification according to food standards such as IFS Food. Thanks to significantly increased reliability and reduced TCO, image-damaging recalls and product liability cases can be prevented even more sustainably with the new generation of foreign object inspectors.