Full precision during the full vial inspection!

The HEUFT spotter II PHS will soon also be equipped with our new Multi Color Image Processing (MCIP) for even more detection accuracy during the optical inspection of filled vials. We will show what this brings at the ACHEMA 2022 exhibition!

The two HEUFT spotter II BFS systems for the blow fill seal container inspection which we will be demonstrating live in operation at the end of August at the ACHEMA 2022 in Frankfurt / Main already work with MCIP in order to find black spots or foreign objects in ampoules or infusion bottles for example. And the novel Multi Color Image Processing will soon also be used in the HEUFT spotter II PHS which will further increase the precision of the optical vial inspection for the detection of critical and cosmetic faults. ACHEMA visitors can experience how this works and what it achieves in advance at Stand 3.1/C57 – on the cyber-physical device stele constructed by ourselves!

On the basis of original feature and detection images generated by the image processing solution directly integrated into our intelligent HEUFT reflexx A.I. camera during the vial inspection it thus becomes directly clear how the resource-saving combination of different illumination scenarios with only one detection unit and the smart calculation of the individual color channels simply highlights the most varied features and characteristics of vials filled with liquid or lyophilized contents more clearly.

Optimized particle, inclusion and closure defect detection

Particles in their interior and inclusions or defects in their glass are thus reliably detected even if they are located in areas that are difficult to see, such as close to the fill line or directly on the lyo cake. Without additional classification, they can be clearly distinguished from harmless objects such as water droplets or product adhesions. Even otherwise inconspicuous scratches and faulty crimping on the caps of the containers, as well as numerous other defects, are much easier to see with MCIP.

The innovative image processing solution from our own development will also put glass vials in the right light in the near future in addition to ampoules and infusion bottles produced using the blow fill seal method and thus increases the already impressive performance of the HEUFTspotter II PHS in the camera based base, side wall and closure inspection even more.


Full equipment for full detection reliability

The straight-line system also detects glass splinters and other high density foreign objects which are concealed in non-transparent packaging and pharmaceutical products with pulsed X-rays. And laser technology for head-space analysis detects leaky sealed containers whose oxygen content is too high.

The fully equipped HEUFT spotter II PHS vial inspector therefore already offers exactly the right detection technology for every type of defect and every application – and will soon go one better with the MCIP for a more precise optical complete inspection! See for yourself: ACHEMA, 22nd to 26th August 2022, Booth 3.1/C57.