BrauBeviale: Detection reliability as standard

At drinktec 2022 still completely new, at BrauBeviale 2023 already ready for series production: the HEUFT InLine II IX starts up!

Intelligent color sensor cameras developed in-house for the optical all-surface empty bottle inspection in new precision.  Latest generation AI technologies developed at our own facilities. Perfected pulsed X-rays for the highest operational and detection reliability during the challenging detection of glass in glass and critical defects. And a revised HEUFT CleanDesign for better accessibility as well as less cleaning and maintenance work: the HEUFT InLine II IX will go into serial production in time for the BrauBeviale exhibition at the end of November 2023 in Nuremberg!

Detecting glass in glass more reliably

Our latest empty bottle inspector which combines camera and pulsed X-ray technology could still be seen as a study at drinktec 2022 in Munich. In the meantime, the first installations are already in the pipeline – at glass bottle fillers who are particularly aware of glass splinter-free primary packaging that can be filled without concern.

With new lifetime-optimized X-ray components and AI-supported X-ray image processing, it ensures even greater precision in glass-in-glass detection at the bottle base. And it is the only empty bottle inspector of its kind: We developed the concept of integrating X-ray technology to complete packaging and food safety in filling lines more than ten years ago – and have been pushing it persistently ever since.

That is just as true for the intelligent optical complete inspection of each individual bottle from the base to the neck finish. This is now carried out exclusively by HEUFT reflexx A.I. cameras developed and manufactured in-house. With special LED lighting, smart image analysis and corresponding camera technology they open up completely new possibilities not only for the in-line inspection of empty ACL bottles.

Reducing the false rejection rate

HEUFT fluid modules for the reliable detection of residual liquids are now also directly integrated into the easily accessible, tableless new design of the highly automated inspector in the hygiene-optimized HEUFT CleanDesign.

However, the HEUFT InLine II IX achieves a new level of precision with the lowest false rejection rate particularly during the challenging glass-in-glass detection – thanks to new X-ray components developed in-house and the HEUFT reflexx A.I.! It is already ready for production and can be experienced as one of our exhibition highlights at BrauBeviale 2023 in Nuremberg from 28th to 30th November: Booth 8-104.