for the Radbrauerei brewery

The Bucher family who owns the Radbrauerei brewery is already the 6th generation of this family responsible for the success of this medium-sized company. The brewery´s speciality "Günzburger Weizen" is one of the most widely drunk wheat beers in the Günzburg and Ulm area.

The decision matured at the Bucher company to bring the empty bottle inspection in line with the latest technological developments after visiting the HEUFT exhibition stand at the drinktec 2005 exhibition.

The task was to achieve the highest inspection accuracy with the lowest false rejection rate. The amount of space available was to be used optimally. The aim was to set up a large buffer section in a relatively small amount of space and to install a quiet, careful conveyor control system providing the highest level of efficiency. The customer presupposed that the interfaces to the existing machines in this area would be completely analysed and taken into consideration.

The Günzburg Radbrauerei brewery decided on the HEUFT <ready to go> solution.
The HEUFT InLine with HEUFT reflexx technology was the empty bottle inspector used. The conveyors were replaced from the outfeed of the washing machine to the filler. The bottles are brought together by means of a corner combiner which ensures that the bottles are transferred from a multi-lane to a single-lane transport in a way which saves space, where the containers are handled carefully and which is cost-effective. The space gained in this way made it possible to realise a bottle buffer of 104 seconds.

The HEUFT synchron takes over the complete conveyor regulation.
This control engineering allows the bottles to be brought together without pressure and quietly due to the independent regulation of the conveyor speeds in the single-lane and multi-lane area.

The complete installation including delivery and unloading only took 5 working days altogether. This was possible due to perfect preparatory work and the use of pre-assembled and tested modules.

The planned 22,000 bph were produced on the first day of commissioning after only a few hours.

Quotation from the master brewer Mr R Sittig (qualified engineer) of the Radbrauerei brewery:

"We wish to thank you once more for the professional way in which you realised our project, the efficient and conscientious work of your technicians on site and the use of top-quality materials!"