"First Aid" at the HEUFT company

The "First Aid" departments, Customer Desk and Remote Service, are introduced in this continuation of our "process of constant improvement" series. The customer can contact these departments at HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH during the day by telephone or at any time by e-mail ( where his enquiry will be dealt with without delay.

The Customer Desk´s area of responsibility extends from accepting and dealing with all customer enquiries to taking the necessary measures in order to prevent future complaints. It is for this reason that we welcome stimulus from our customers, despite the experience we have gathered over the past 20 years in the drinks industry, because these suggestions result in an even better product which benefits us and our customers.

In principal the Remote Service is there to give the customer technical advice. However, this department also differentiates between complaints relating to a device or a service provided, or simply technical advice. In addition to this these departments also keep themselves updated about the progress of a complaint so that they can provide the customer with information and act as his point of contact.

As soon as a request is received various courses of action are introduced. To begin with an assessment is made in order to find out where the main focus is i.e. construction, project planning or service. Our quality management system stipulates that the relevant department then works out a suggestion for improvement. The economic interests of the customer are taken into account and he is presented with a proposal in the shortest possible time so that the cause of the problem can be eliminated and the function of the device restored at the same time re-establishing customer satisfaction. The result of an additional in-house investigation determines whether this proposal is incorporated in the series production of a device or whether this is a special project specifically for the customer. Within the context of constant product optimisation the solution for this individual case could nevertheless be incorporated in a new design at a later stage.

This course of events improves and assures quality standards with the above-mentioned departments acting as the communication interface for the customer. These departments administering "First Aid" always have the latest information about an enquiry and their task is not completed until a case has been satisfactorily dealt with.