A must for glass bottles - XO Revolution along the one-way line!

The drinks industry does not often use a foreign object inspection before or after the filler along its glass one-way lines. Research along filling lines has shown that an unexpected number of containers are contaminated with foreign objects such as glass splinters, foil and cardboard remains despite modern rinsers and fillers.

HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH has designed the state-of-the-art device with the new HEUFT eXaminer XO which inspects closed containers for foreign objects by means of optical and radiometric measuring techniques.


Solid foreign objects such as metal and glass are reliably found in the complete base area using X-ray technology. The container is optimally aligned at four inspection stations by the belt drive. This makes it possible to reliably detect even the smallest glass splinter.


Optical sidewall and base inspections are integrated in order to detect foreign objects with a low density (e.g. foil, paper etc.) which are not visible using X-ray technology. Transparent and semitransparent foil is reliably detected by means of two different optical inspection procedures (bright / dark field detection).
The HEUFT reflexx system really makes the use of this combined high technology economically viable: several camera views are even put together and evaluated per image processing card.


The new HEUFT eXaminer XO ensures that your product reaches your customers safely and qualitatively perfect. Take into consideration the fact that the costs and damage of a product recall are not comparable with the investment costs for this first class inspection machine!