Always knowing what to do

The linchpin of the success of a company is its employees´ know–how.  Qualified specialists who recognise problems and solve them independently before they put the quality of the final product and the efficiency of the complete line at risk is what counts particularly in bottling and packaging plants.  Your employees will learn how to accomplish this on practice–oriented training courses offered exclusively by the HEUFT Training Center.

The inspection and quality assurance systems of the HEUFT company already provide help for self–help due to their intuitively understandable user prompting.  The production, quality assurance and maintenance teams should be thoroughly familiar with the functions and possibilities of the devices and be able to test them themselves in order to maintain operating reliability all the time and be able to react quickly and correctly without outside help in an emergency.  This is best achieved during a complete intensive training course at the HEUFT Training Center.
The course participants can learn what is important regarding configuration, operation, care and maintenance in an undisturbed atmosphere.  Whether the shifting register for continuously tracking the containers or the HEUFT reflexx high–performance image processing system:  the basic characteristics, which nearly all the HEUFT systems have to offer, are explained in detail.  The same applies to device specific features such as the residual liquid detection of the HEUFT InLine empty bottle inspector.


A high level of practical relevance


Not only theoretical knowledge is taught.  Practical exercises play a particularly important role.  The ultra modern presentation equipment in the training and workshop rooms of the new HEUFT Customer Center in Burgbrohl provides trainers and course participants with a direct, network–based access to the HEUFT PILOT at any time.  Consequently the possibilities of the graphical user interface of any HEUFT SPECTRUM system can be realistically demonstrated and comprehended.  Sufficient attention is also paid to working at the device.  The arena on the upper floor of the new building provides the best possible conditions for this.  All conceivable operating situations can be presented there directly at the respective system.  This gives the members of your team the opportunity to test important tasks such as cleaning and maintenance or brand changes themselves in peace and quiet without impairing the operation of your own filling or packaging line.  With that they have the tools to promptly recognise problems and to solve these themselves before they result in a loss in detection reliability, interference, standstills or downtimes. 


The competent trainers have a practical background and have many years of experience with regard to the installation, commissioning and maintenance of HEUFT devices.  Complex correlations within a packaging line are competently conveyed by them.  They even have the right answers to very specialised questions – or will establish personal contact with the respective expert on site.  This proximity to competent experts is another decisive advantage of the device training courses in the new HEUFT Customer Center.  Alternatively training courses are possible at other locations or directly at your production plant.


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Are you interested?  Then contact Monika Magin at the HEUFT Training Center now.  She can be contacted directly on +49 (0) 26 36 / 56 2671 or by email on  Current dates for training courses can be found here.