An 8% increase - a tremendous profit!

The purchase of a new empty bottle inspector should as a rule serve to improve the inspection quality. If the bottle flow is optimised at the same time a considerable increase in efficiency can also be achieved.

The Salvus Mineralbrunnen GmbH company (mineral water producers) has been able to record a tremendously fast increase in production figures over the past years. The annual quantity filled has more than doubled within a period of only four years. The Production Department had to work extra shifts in order to meet demands in the summer.


This family-owned business continuously invests in the expansion and improvement of its production lines in order to secure its good position on the market. When the time had come to replace the existing empty bottle inspector a decision was made in favour of the HEUFT InLine. It can be perfectly integrated into existing lines due to its compact dimensions and it is well known for its excellent inspection qualities. At the same time it was planned to optimise the regulation of the bottle transport in the area between the washing machine and the filler. This order was also placed with the HEUFT company. The people at Burgbrohl carry out such work fast and professionally based on the know-how resulting from hundreds of similar conversions. It was planned to replace the conveyors in order to minimise the bottle pressure and the noise with the smooth bottle handling of the HEUFT synchron.


In May installation and commissioning were completed in time for the beginning of the summer season. The complete bottle transport section between the washing machine and the filler as well as the empty bottle inspector were replaced within five days. When production recommenced the employees along the filling line immediately noticed that the noise level had reduced considerably. However it was the production figures which brought a smile to the faces of the production managers. An increase in efficiency of 8% - this surpassed even the highest expectations.


Today, two months after the alterations, the trend has been confirmed. In addition to an empty bottle inspection incorporating the latest technical advances an increase in efficiency of between 8% and 10%, depending on the brand, was also achieved on account of this investment. A result which Salvus Mineralbrunnen had not expected.