Bye bye bullnose!

The HEUFT VISION closure inspection module was originally developed for examining the screw depth of plastic closures and the intactness of tamper evidence rings. The new HEUFT Advanced Image Centring Technology (AICT) establishes the basic requirements for measuring bottles in such a way that misplaced crown corks, other processing and material faults can be reliably found.

A camera takes pictures of the finish area. The image processor first determines the exact reference points. All inspection areas are compared to these reference points in order to exclude typical tolerances such as container height differences or conveyor belt vibrations from the analysis.


Any variation to the geometry of the bottle finish or closure area leads to a rejection signal. Missing and canted crown corks, double cap coverings and so called ´leakers´ are detected.


During the first practice runs, faults which had in the past reached the end user unnoticed were detected e.g. faulty punched closures and protruding material chips.


The HEUFT VISION closure inspection module can be integrated into the SPECTRUM TX fill level or SPECTRUM TX O2 detection. The module can also be used for the inspection of complex screw and cliplock closures.