Can anybody help me?

New technology and faster production machines are tailored to the increasing market demands. As a rule everything proceeds automatically and is automatically checked and inspected.

But what happens when an operational fault occurs?


The operator has to be put in a position to act quickly so that the line runs again and downtimes are minimised.


The extension to the self-diagnosis function of all the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX systems, introduced for the first time at the BRAU Beviale 2006 exhibition, provides the operator with purposeful, detailed instructions in order to help himself.  The causes of a malfunction are described in a comprehensible manner and instructions provided for trouble shooting.  A precise analysis is the basis of each message which is generated.  The necessary measures for remedying faults are displayed to the operator step by step.

In this way the operator is capable of reducing standstill periods and increasing line efficiency himself - HEUFT helps!