Can I introduce the HEUFT Assistant to you?

Simply and safely adjusting important device functions with the help of the HEUFT Assistant

Have you seen this Icon before? Hidden behind this icon is the constantly available HEUFT Assistant for certain device functions for the SPECTRUM TX system. With the help of this process all the necessary steps to make an adjustment are pre-set as exact instructions. In the past detailed knowledge of the equipment was necessary through relevant training but now the user merely has to follow the Assistant´s guidelines.

Previously measurements and calculations had to be carried out for certain parameter settings. Today this is all carried out by your personal HEUFT Assistant.


A perfect example for this is the teach-in function of the predivisor. Within the inspection area the SPECTRUM TX system constantly follows the position of the individual containers. This is made possible amongst other things via the predivisor software parameter which correlates the number of pulses in the encoder fixed to the conveyor with the distance the conveyor belt has already covered.


Try it yourself and click on the icon!