Closure inspection reaches a new peak

Closure inspection reaches a new peak

The HEUFT FinalView brings vision inspection technology to a whole new level. Designed for a major US brewer that wanted to verify roll-on closure quality, one application of the HEUFT FinalView was developed almost entirely on-line, in the customer plant as a joint effort between the customer, HEUFT USA and HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH in Germany.

The HEUFT FinalView is a vision system that uses high-resolution CCD-Matrix cameras giving a 360-degree view of the product. As the containers pass through the inspection module installed over a free-running conveyor, the cameras take simultaneous pictures, which capture fine detail in the defined areas of interest. The images taken from different views are automatically pieced together and evaluated as one image, thus eliminating any container orientation issues. The image processing was accomplished using the new HEUFT reflexx image processing technology for high quality vision inspection. The vast memory and pipeline structure of the image processors enable parallel processing of several images and/or parallel processing of one image with different algorithms.


Via an Ethernet network connection with the FinalView, the research and development team in Germany was able to view and analyse a variety of the closure conditions in production on-line. After comparing different results, the development team in Germany was able to make software improvements and quickly upload the changes directly to the on-line unit via the HEUFT Intranet.


The HEUFT FinalView also offers a remote service connection. The geographical distribution of remote service points is the basis for an around the clock dayshift service. Additional features include electronic documentation and electronic spare parts identification. With an illustrated on-line spare parts guide, guessing what part to order, or hunting for manuals is a thing of the past!


Need information? Not a problem. All systems are equipped, via Industrial Ethernet, with TCP/IP protocol for communications. Multiple systems are easily networked in a plant and can be accessed via Internet or Intranet from remote locations.


The FinalView is another HEUFT innovation available as a part of the SPECTRUM TX family of inspection equipment.