Competent assistance around the clock

24 hours a day and seven days a week:  experienced experts now provide HEUFT customers with valuable support at all times.  The company has reorganised its worldwide technical service and expanded it significantly to this end.

Anyone telephoning the fire brigade relies on immediate and reliable help.  It must be possible to contact someone without delay who really knows what to do – regardless of the time of day or night.  Anything else would be a nightmare scenario.  This applies just as much to emergencies such as fires as it does to the device malfunctions of filling and packaging systems.  Costly production downtimes are the result if, for example, the test container log of an inspection system has not been fulfilled.  An effective support team is required in this case which reacts just as fast and competently as the fire brigade.

Therefore HEUFT has considerably extended its technical service and set up a new 24 hour on-call duty.  Both the multilingual HEUFT TeleService for online remote diagnosis and maintenance which can be activated directly from the device and the telephone hotline now provide extensive assistance day and night around the clock.  Highly trained service technicians with field experience who can reliably identify the respective problem and either solve it directly or arrange a prompt on-site visit can be reached immediately at any time.  There is no danger of being connected to an incompetent call centre agent.

Always at your service

A total of 14 HEUFT sites all over the world form a service network with maximum effectiveness:  the skilled experts of the relevant location help the customer in his own language during normal hours.  Qualified German and English speaking support is still ensured even after official hours.  Either the competent service team of one of the subsidiaries, active at that time, or the new 24 hour on-call duty at the headquarters in Burgbrohl, which is also available at weekends, then takes over customer service automatically.
Consequently the HEUFT technical service really provides effective assistance immediately at any time in the event of an emergency.  Those who wish to benefit from special conditions would do best to decide in favour of a special support contract.  However no customer is left on his own if the availability and productivity of his plant is at stake.