Cost reduction with the HEUFT empty bottle inspectors

The first HEUFT SPECTRUM M BFS empty bottle inspector already included revolutionary and user-friendly technologies which impressed the beverage industry at the beginning of the nineties. However the current HEUFT reflexx technology noticeably reduces the false rejection rate and increases the detection reliability of faults in your favour.

More efficient image processing as well as a multilingual operating surface make the HEUFT InLine even more user-friendly to handle. The modular system structure makes a simple upgrade/retrofit possible for you at all times.

Critical faults can be analysed on image storage pages and saved permanently. It is possible to call up these pictures and evaluate/analyse them during subsequent maintenance and service visits. Service visits become more efficient and you save maintenance charges.

A complete overview of each faulty container can be produced effortlessly with all the detection pictures on one page.

An additional algorithm in the centring software during the finish detection results in a clear reduction in rejections due to false centring.

You save valuable time when carrying out adjustments!

You have the possibility to create access rights for each user as required. Parameter changes are logged and can be cancelled if necessary. This avoids unintentional changes being saved which are then no longer comprehensible.

An additional teleservice connection via the Internet makes fast technical support from qualified HEUFT technicians possible.

In short in order to save you time and money the main functions such as operating surface, detections and design of the device are optimised and include efficient improvements. You are the winner as regards these further developments. Who would not like to guarantee the fastest, smoothest and most reliable production process possible when filling. The HEUFT inspectors have what it takes. You too can decide in favour of the latest generation of the HEUFT InLine reflexx!