EBI par avion

- heading for Shanghai...

At 9.35 pm on 27 February 2001 the "City of Echternach", from the CARGOLUX air freight company, flight number CV7982, took off from Findel airport in Luxembourg destined for Shanghai/China. Included on board: 26 cubic metre of the most up-to-date inspection equipment for an important Chinese brewery´s new bottling line. Empty bottle inspectors, fill level, label and closure checks with the appropriate rejection systems designed to assist the customer in achieving high quality products.

Generally a consignment of this size would be sent to China by sea. However, a highly efficient supplier will find a way of meeting a deadline for a customer who has to make an investment at short notice. Sending a consignment by sea from Germany to China takes at least three weeks longer than by air. That is why despite the considerable costs involved equipment is often sent by air. However first things first ...


At the end of 2000 a contract for the supply of 13 devices from HEUFT´s product range for a project in Shanghai was finalized. The plans had been drawn up in detail during the offer stage and therefore the manufacture of the equipment could start immediately upon receipt of the order confirmation. The equipment packed in 25 cases and pallets was ready for dispatch by the end of February after around 1,200 man-hours.


As some of the packing units had a height of 255 cm transport was only possible in a Boeing 747-400. Due to its capacity this is the only civil Western aeroplane with the necessary height. Only a few Russian designed aeroplanes have a greater capacity. Despite the enormous dimensions of a 747-400 loading seldom takes longer than 60 minutes owing to a cleverly devised loading procedure.


Before the cargo hatchways of the Boeing were opened all the packing units were secured onto internationally standardized pallets in order to prevent them from sliding around during the flight. At the same time they were weighed. Prior to loading the optimal weight distribution was calculated and a loading plan drawn up. Special trucks took the equipment right up to the aeroplane. Here the consignment was loaded and with that the final stage was completed.


The aeroplane is refuelled, serviced and prepared for take-off whilst the consignment is loaded. At first sight this area of the airport appears to be in total chaos. However on closer inspection it is evident that this is not the case. An organized routine, which is necessary in order to load quickly and efficiently, can be identified. After less than one hour the aircraft was "ready for take-off"! With only one stopover in Dubai the "City of Echternach" reached Shanghai twenty hours later. The plane was unloaded with the same diligence there - dealing with the customs formalities took longer. After getting over this hurdle the destination of the 12,000 km long journey was reached by heavy goods vehicle: the bottling hall at the brewery.


Now it was HEUFT Asia´s turn: the installing and commissioning of the equipment was carried out during a multi-shift operation by an international team. Completion was well before the deadline thanks to the excellent co-ordination between Burgbrohl and Shanghai. Yet another satisfied customer impressed with quality equipment "made by HEUFT".