Empty bottle inspection using minimum floor space

With the HEUFT InLine empty bottle inspector important inspections are carried out on an area of less than 1 sqm.

Despite its impressively small basic dimensions of 1000 mm x 900 mm (length x width), the InLine inspector can carry out functions other than a base and finish inspection. The inspector can be equipped with a base inspection for transparent faults, an inner sidewall inspection, an IR and HF residual liquid detection as well as a full thread inspection without any problems.

Although the emphasis was on compact dimensions, special attention was paid to an open construction. The aim was to provide the operator with easy access to all parts of the inspector in order to carry out simple cleaning and maintenance. To this end all cable and air connections are covered as far as possible. The inevitable adjustments required to adapt the inspector to the various container sizes have also "disappeared". The electrics had to be developed in close co-operation with the mechanics in order to implement these requirements. As a result many of the structural elements fulfil two or three functions. The same standards were applied to the belt-driven bottle transport - the belt drive is open in design. Glass fragments fall through to the easy to clean base plate. Due to a safe belt guidance system the use of covers was not necessary.

Seen from a microbiological point of view, the result was an "integrated solution" with smooth surfaces and an exemplary clarity which does not interfere with the functionality of the inspector.

The inspector is driven by the outfeed conveyor. Additional motors are not required. Two angular gears and a toothed belt ensure transmission from the conveyor chain to the InLine inspector and the infeed conveyor. This drive concept ensures an absolutely synchronous operation, reduces the number of parts subject to failure and consequently saves cost.

All the inspector´s drive components ensure that the operator has many years of troublefree operation. The drive system of the InLine inspector underwent a long and strenuous series of tests in order to test its high level of stability under load. Further tests are still being carried out in order to assess the durability of certain components over the years. It is these standards in quality that have such a positive effect on the series manufacture of the InLine.

In order to ensure troublefree operation, reliable solutions were also sought for the "simple" components. Photocells which are extremely robust and resistant towards interference are used for container triggering. These function perfectly even in unfavourable conditions.

The optical image taking system and the image processing components are situated in a protected area above the containers. Defined air pressure effectively prevents soiling due to dust and water.

The constructive measures taken combined with the use of suitable materials keep the maintenance time required to a minimum.

As an option, the InLine standard model can be extended by one or two exterior sidewall inspection modules. A special advantage of the inspector is the possible integration of the conveyor control system, including the frequency converter for the conveyors, between the bottle washer and the filler!

The SPECTRUM TX operating surface and the simple mechanical operation result in a user-friendly inspection machine, which due to its compact design is extremely well-suited for use where space is limited.