Engineering at its best: HEUFT combines two lines into one

Trevor Jewitt is impressed: "Look at these bottles: all the labels are in one line - just as they should be. In this way we already show the high quality of our products with our packaging". The Production Manager of the worldwide drinks producer Halewood International LTD in Liverpool relied on HEUFT´s know-how for the new design of a filling line for spirits.

With success:  not only the precise HEUFT TORNADO S self-adhesive labeller gives top performance.  The HEUFT conveyor transport system, the HEUFT synchron conveyor control system, the HEUFT VX full container check as well as the HEUFT XY and the HEUFT DELTA-FW laning units and multi-segment rejectors also do a good job.


The aim was to combine two lines in Liverpool into a single line.  The new filling line not only had to be extremely reliable but impressive with short changeover times and a high degree of flexibility due to the great variety of brands which includes over 250 products in the most varying containers with filling quantities between 20 cl and 1.5 l - just the right task for the experts from HEUFT.  They renewed the complete layout and all the parts of the line.  Only the two fillers and the new glass feeder remained.


Transporting without impact pressure


It starts immediately after the glass feeder:  multi-chain conveyors carry the bottles to the pressureless combiner and without applying any pressure as is the case along the whole line.  This would have fatal consequences if this were not the case in particular for the "hip flasks":  burst and jammed bottles would be the order of the day and would impair the efficiency of the complete line.  This is not the case with the HEUFT equipment:  gentle acceleration and deceleration guarantee that the transport to the fillers and the labeller is smooth and without gaps.


Intelligent laning and precise quality control


In order to supply both fillers evenly a HEUFT XY distributes the bottles in such a way that shortages and therefore an accompanying loss in efficiency are eliminated.  The HEUFT VX checks the fill levels and the closures of the bottles before these are brought together again on multi-chain conveyors and separated again afterwards before the labeller.




Self-adhesive labels - a neat and tidy solution


The HEUFT TORNADO S now applies self-adhesive labels to the most varied bottles and always exactly to the millimetre just where they belong.  For this the high-performance labeller rotates the containers and aligns them accurately.  Precision is of the utmost importance especially for the distinguished embossed bottles.  The HEUFT VX full container inspection checks that the best-before date is also on the bottles using the highly efficient HEUFT vio OCR technology.  After this three further HEUFT VX laning systems ensure that they are transported on to the packer on several lanes.


A perfectly satisfied customer

The HEUFT team´s know-how and professional work as well as the high quality of the components installed have obviously impressed Trevor Jewitt.  The Halewood Manager is highly pleased with his new filling line.  Engineering at its best - HEUFT shows how!