HEUFT maintains extensive research and development laboratories - take advantage of the know how available.

A new container, new container dress, a new product or the accumulation of complaints - it is not always easy to assess with which technology your production department can save costs and safeguard quality.

Substantial inquiries and evaluations are necessary in order to find out which is the best available technology for the upcoming extensions to existing equipment. It remains a difficult task to estimate the actual practical suitability of the solutions found using manufacturers´ documents, information from the Internet and one´s own experience.

The HEUFT laboratories combine a wide variety of basic knowledge with decades of experience which has been applied in inspection, transport, sorting and labelling technology. Benefit from this know how and allow an expert team of scientists, engineers and technicians to work out a way of looking at your problem. HEUFT has physical measuring techniques, workshops and testing facilities at its disposal which are used to work out qualified statements.

Our advisers will present the methods available and the performance which can be expected precisely and subtly.

Our experts give recommendations based on personal experience regarding your product design, the existing technical environment and the reduction of noise so that you can achieve more cost-effective or qualitative better results.

Using this service is our reward. The analysis of your tasks promotes the development of more useful methods and products in line with the market - the driving force for new know how.

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