Explosive atmosphere? No problem!

Now new: container checking and laning in the Ex area

Fill level detection and container laning - this also functions in an "explosive atmosphere" with immediate effect: HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH has developed a device variant which fulfils the ATEX criteria for use in potentially explosive areas. The HEUFT VX for ATEX operates in the aerosol and spirits industry just as safely as in other filling sections where a dangerous mixture of air and gas can form.

It ensures that an explosion does not occur:  only devices with an Ex marking may be operated in potentially explosive areas.  For this they have to comply with the European explosion protection directives 94/92/EG and 1999/92/EG which are also known under the abbreviation ATEX "Atmosphère Explosible".  These strict requirements are fulfilled by both the new HEUFT VX modules for detecting fill levels and laning containers to an extremely high degree:  they operate with complete safety even in an "explosive atmosphere".

Fill level detection and container laning in the Ex area

The fill level detection checks whether spray cans and other containers are overfilled or underfilled using radiometric measurements.  The results are analysed, deviations from an average value are represented graphically and containers with an incorrect fill level are rejected directly.  This keeps false filling at an extremely low level and guarantees product quality with lasting effect.  The other ATEX module separates the container flow on up to three lanes - for instance before a packer.  The allocation ratio can be freely selected.  Jam switches ensure an even working load:  full lines are automatically identified and excluded from the laning process.  This increases the efficiency of the complete equipment.

ATEX devices with heat and spark protection

The HEUFT development team has made it possible for the ATEX devices supplied by HEUFT to also operate in filling sections where an explosive mixture of air and gas can occur by strictly separating the control unit and the container detection.  Whereas the former is outside the hazard zone the latter can operate without any problems and safely in an ATEX group II, Category 3 risk area.  Then regardless of whether it is heat, electric or electrostatic energy:  the detections are optimally protected.

The HEUFT mono or the HEUFT DELTA-FW for rejecting containers

The control units of both device variants can be easily operated by means of a touchscreen.  Access to all networks via Ethernet and TCP/IP is available as well as the connections for a preconfigured DDE interface and an SQL database.  Either the HEUFT mono or the HEUFT DELTA-FW can be used as the rejector depending on the requirements.  An integrated operator´s manual and online support make faultless operation easier.  The connection to the HEUFT TeleService provides help for self-help.  Wearing parts and spare parts can be easily identified with the integrated illustrated spare parts catalogue.
Both ATEX devices can be operated even in an "explosive atmosphere" without any risk.