Foreign object inspection - the right way

The demands on an inspection machine are defined by the customer´s tasks and the containers to be inspected or the filled products.

Therefore it is obvious that the requirements made on the HEUFT eXaminer XA foreign object inspection due to new projects are becoming more complex. The latest example includes a product range of 200 brands which vary because the composition of their recipes is different. There are products amongst them which spread out unevenly in the complete container after the pasteurising process.

This inhomogeneity feigns foreign objects on the radiograph. Standard picture detections cannot distinguish these areas from actual faults. HEUFT solves this task with the specially developed HEUFT nbx technology. It is possible to inspect products for foreign objects with this innovative advancement with a high level of precision which remains constant.

Air bubbles which form in the product during the pasteurising process are a typical example. This technology also demonstrates its strengths in this case: air bubbles and foreign objects are clearly differentiated between!

The HEUFT eXaminer XA can be extended with other HEUFT inspections due to its modular design. A full inspection is the result of combining a bottle burst detection and a fill level measurement which saves on further control devices after the filler.

Constant developments in the detection technology field and the possibility of realizing specific solutions are significant features of the HEUFT SPECTRUM system.

You too can benefit from the HEUFT know-how!