Foreign object inspection - we know what´s going on!

The inspection of polygonal jars or containers with facets, alignment marks, patterns or lettering in the glass poses a major challenge particularly for the food industry.

These glass enlargements appear as solid, dark areas in the picture, because they are highly absorbent, during the search for foreign objects by means of an X-ray inspection.  The HEUFT eXaminer XA can differentiate between these contours and foreign objects.

The current extension to the HEUFT nbx technology was developed for the jam-making industry.  This technique filters out glass embossments thereby ensuring that small foreign objects are also reliably detected - even if these are covered by the structures!

These structures can occur anywhere in the production flow i.e. the container alignment during the inspection is unpredictable.  The HEUFT reflexx image processing system is tailor-made for this task and provides a precise analysis independent of the container orientation.

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