Foreign objects precisely identified in an unpackaged product mass

The food and beverage sector has known for some time now that HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH defines the state of the art as regards the inspection of freshly filled containers along high-speed lines. The company has now passed on its know-how concerning the detection of foreign objects to unpackaged food: the new HEUFT eXaminer XT pipeline inspector continuously monitors the safety of a liquid and a paste-like product mass and tracks down metal as well as non-metal contamination in the process.

There is always a danger of contamination due to foreign objects when raw materials are processed into a liquid or paste-like product mass.  HEUFT has developed a special pipeline inspector for all cases where these have to be detected before the product is packaged:  the new HEUFT eXaminer XT.  The X-ray system is based on tried and tested procedures and modules which ensure the manufacturer of innovative automation solutions the technological leadership in the field of the high-speed inspection of filled packages.  As a result a high throughput is possible - without having to cut back on the detection reliability:  not only metal foreign objects are precisely identified in the product flow but also numerous other types of contaminants with a high density such as pieces of metal, glass splinters, stones or objects made of PTFE or other types of plastic.


Maximum detection reliability


The mass is transported through a specially constructed pipeline which is illuminated by means of X-ray strobes.  The extremely short exposure time of the unequalled low-radiation, pulsed radiometric measurement reduces the in-motion unsharpness to a minimum even at high transport speeds.  Pictures are therefore produced which each show a complete area of the production flow.  These are digitised and passed on to the HEUFT reflexx high-performance image processing system for analysing.  The software can clearly differentiate between product structures and inhomogeneities on the one hand and dangerous foreign objects on the other hand due to integrated filter technologies.  The system adapts to creeping production fluctuations optimally.  The result:  maximum detection accuracy.  The HEUFT eXaminer XT has the clear advantage over conventional metal detectors - and this is not only because it also tracks down non-metal foreign objects.  The precision when detecting metal contamination is also higher because the product effect caused by the salt / acid content does not have a negative effect on the detection performance.  


Self-diagnosis for performance validation


The HEUFT eXaminer XT emits a corresponding signal when a foreign object is identified so that the partial quantity in question can be safely removed from the production flow.  The pipeline inspector has been equipped with a test program for validating the performance which checks the detection performance in freely configurable intervals.


Simple operation


The multilingual HEUFT PILOT graphical user interface with integrated auxiliary tools makes operating the compact system, which can be integrated into existing equipment without a problem, child´s play.  Connecting the HEUFT eXaminer XT to production data acquisition systems such as the HEUFT PROFILER is possible as well as remote maintenance using the HEUFT TeleService.  The construction protected against dust and water in the HEUFT CleanDesign is robust and easy to clean.  The same applies to the specially constructed pipeline which neither superheated steam nor disinfectant containing acid or lye can harm.


Continuously monitoring the product safety

The HEUFT eXaminer XT is the perfect alternative in all cases where the inspection of the product which has already been packaged is not possible.  It continuously monitors the safety of unpackaged liquid and paste-like products and not only detects metal but also non-metal foreign objects.