Gap filled in Eurasia

True to its forward-looking orientation the HEUFT group of companies expanded on 16 March 2006 with a new location; the HEUFT EURASIA subsidiary. Our previous success prompted us to guarantee our customers and potential customers a top-quality service appropriate to our company.

Our new offices are centrally located in the world metropolis Moscow.

An experienced and competent team from the drinks and food industry is available directly on the spot in order to give our business partners reliable and first-class support from processing offers to providing services.

Consequently this ensures that the Russian Federation, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus will be looked after in a future-oriented manner and that all tasks to be dealt with will be carried out efficiently.

The advantages of the close proximity and consequently short response times as well as communication in the national language are joined by a worldwide network of contacts and services which have always contributed to the success of the HEUFT group of companies.

Mrs Marina Hofmann is the manager of OOO HEUFT EURASIA.

With her many years of experience she will realise the important task in Moscow of converting the promise made in a spirit of partnership into successful and positive teamwork.

Our contact details:

Prjanischnikova, 19 A; korp.9
Tel.: +7 (495) 93 58 704
Fax: +7 (495) 30 81 028