Guaranteeing the purity of wine!

The grape harvest has almost been completed and the prospects of 2012 being a good vintage are promising.  Therefore it is annoying when faults occur when filling the noble juice of the vine.  The quality of the contents and the perfect appearance of the packaging matter particularly in this segment.  HEUFT tailor–made systems ensure that wines which do not fulfil these criteria do not reach the market in the first place.

Bottles which are dirty, contaminated or damaged, fill levels which deviate from the norm, corks which leak, screw caps which cannot be opened and labels which are crooked, creased, non–brand or incorrect as regards contents – a variety of defects threaten the purity, quality and safety of wines and their packaging.  At worst they result in costly recall actions.  Or the customer immediately reaches for a rival product at the point of sale.  Precisely working checking and inspection systems which identify faulty wine cases whilst still on the filling line and remove them in good time are in demand in order to prevent this.  HEUFT also has the right, sector–specific solutions ready for this:


  • HEUFT InLine devices identify wine bottles which are contaminated with foreign objects, dirty or damaged even before the filling process
  • the compact HEUFT basic checks the fill level and the presence of the closure
  • the HEUFT VX detects, among other things, overfills and underfills, corks which are missing or too high, too low or crooked, faulty agrafes, incorrectly rolled on long and Stelvin caps as well as deviating closure colours and logos using different technologies which can be integrated – in addition its integrated filler and closer management also locates the causes of such quality defects in good time
  • HEUFT FinalView systems check the presence, the correct positioning and  the integrity of wine labels and that their design and lettering correspond to the filled product and the respective target market
  • the HEUFT VGX detects wine boxes, the contents of which are not complete, which are deformed, out of shape or not correctly closed as well as, for example, broken bottles in a case


Whether small or large:  wine producers place the highest demands on product safety and quality.  The modular system of the HEUFT product range fulfils these – with tailor–made, individually equipped in–line inspection systems which are tailored to exactly meet the most varied requirements and detection aims when filling wine.  They identify wine packaging with safety and quality defects with maximum precision and consistently reject them before they can reach the market.