HEUFT @ BrauBeviale 2014: setting things in motion!

You can experience what sets the beverage industry in motion with HEUFT.  This was evident once again in the middle of November at the BrauBeviale exhibition in Nuremberg.  In particular the self-explanatory inspection systems of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation, presented live and in action, were most convincing.

Smart systems which carry out demanding tasks more precisely than ever before and almost completely independently.  An audiovisual user guidance which even turns employees who do not have any previous knowledge quite simply into competent users.  An image processing system which learns as it goes along and memorises individual quality requirements.  Real-time monitoring which defines the position of each individual container exactly and thus significantly increases accuracy when inspecting in-line and rejecting faults.  A reject verification which shows the exact location of a faulty bottle in an emergency.  Innovations such as these are most convincing when seen live with your own eyes.  Hundreds of representatives from the beverage industry took advantage of this opportunity at the BrauBeviale – and they were impressed.

Motion not standstill

Because things were set in motion on the HEUFT stand:  unlike elsewhere all eleven exhibited systems could be examined in operation on this strikingly designed exhibition stand.  For this, among other things, two rotary systems were installed on a total exhibition area of 260 square metres.  Empty bottles were separated without pressure being applied, precisely sorted and completely inspected with the new X-ray assisted HEUFT InLine II IXS on one of them before being carefully distributed onto four conveyor lanes by the HEUFT XY.  Filled bottles on the other completed their circuits in order to demonstrate the high level of detection and rejection reliability of the HEUFT systems when inspecting full containers.  The HEUFT eXaminer II XOS for an easy and precise foreign object detection and the HEUFT SPECTRUM II VX for a self-explanatory fill management in particular caused a sensation here.

HEUFT innovations speak for themselves

The three above-mentioned systems of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation occupied the central position of the best ever HEUFT exhibition participation at the BrauBeviale.  Their strong performance, their high degree of automation and above all their intuitively understandable HEUFT NaVi user guidance with voice output caused amazed and enthusiastic reactions.  Because nothing is more convincing than seeing with your own eyes and hearing with your own ears how easy the sustainable safeguarding of quality and efficiency during the filling process functions with it.  From small start-ups to global brewery groups – hundreds of concrete discussions, numerous enquiries and first orders directly on the BrauBeviale stand clearly show:  HEUFT sets things in motion.  And this sets the whole industry in motion!