HEUFT has the knack

The customer´s awareness of quality makes it inevitable that he is provided with indicators on the basis of which he can identify the safety of a product. The tamper evidence ring in / on the closure is the most frequently used method for bottles with screw closures. The customer can identify that the product was safe until now by means of its intactness and the typical sound when breaking it open. It can be concluded that the container has already been opened once and that the contents may possibly be spoilt or even manipulated if this ring is damaged.

The HEUFT squeezer QA leak detection provides a camera system as an option with which such faults can be detected and rejected so that containers with defective tamper evidence rings do not even reach the customer. The tamper evidence ring is checked using the transmitted light principle. Areas can then be defined and their picture enlarged inside the total picture taken. This makes it possible to examine selected details e.g. the nozzles of multipart sports caps. The inspector works with two cameras in order to ensure a complete 360° view of the closure. The container is rotated by 90° on its way from one camera to the other. On the one hand this makes the detection of faults turned away from the camera possible and on the other hand this rotation prevents the permanent covering of leaks by the conveyor belts. As a result it is also possible for the HEUFT squeezer QA to find the smallest leaks in the body area.

The examination of the tamper evidence ring results in a guaranteed boost to the customer´s feeling of safety. A feeling which enhances the image of the product and pays for itself in the long run in hard cash.