HEUFT stands for system technology!

HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH lived up to its name again at the Brau Beviale 2012 exhibition in Nuremberg and showed technology which systematically accomplishes an increase in quality, safety, efficiency and simplicity when filling drinks.

One concept, one system and one design with a multitude of possibilities:  visitors to the important trade fair for the brewing and beverage industry could probably only experience what system technology really means on the HEUFT stand.  The modular design principle of the products presented there is so versatile and flexible that it even fulfils the very individual needs relating to the in–line quality assurance of empty and full containers exactly.  At the same time it ensures maximum precision, availability and operating convenience.

One such example is the HEUFT spotter SF presented at Brau Beviale for the first time:  originally developed for the detection of low density foreign objects in bottles filled with transparent liquids the inspection system now also identifies foil remnants, bits of paper or insects in dark or cloudy, supposedly non–transparent drinks.  This is due to a completely new type of lighting module which is just as easy to integrate as are different technologies for checking the fill level and the closure.

An empty container inspection for all eventualities!

HEUFT also defines the state of the art with regard to the inspection of empty containers:  therefore the HEUFT canLine, which now achieves a speed of up to 144,000 items per hour when inspecting the flanged edges and the whole inner area of empty cans, was showcased at the trade fair with additional modules for checking the quality of the outer walls.  Two empty bottle inspectors could be experienced in action on the 250 square metre stand:  a particularly compact device especially for medium–sized bottling halls with comparatively low line outputs and the HEUFT InLine IXS a high end system with pulsed X–ray technology for increased safety during the specific detection of glass splinters and faults on the base of the container.

In addition the exhibition highlights included the new HEUFT prime full container check which is now ready for series production.  It can also be equipped with different technologies i.e. for checking the fill level and closure of bottles and cans and can therefore be adapted exactly to the respective requirement profile.  Its revolutionary audiovisual user guidance, the HEUFT NaVi, is so easy to understand and self–explanatory that the network–compatible device is simple to operate.  The trade visitors could see this for themselves – and were impressed!

Careful bottle flow optimisation

Furthermore HEUFT systematically provides solutions for a careful, non–contact container transport and a continuous supply to the master machines without impact pressure:  the visitors to the exhibition could see for themselves along the rotary conveyor for empties, driven by HEUFT beetec motors, the care and precision with which the HEUFT XY distributes bottles onto several lanes, the HEUFT streamer C combines them again into a single file and the HEUFT synchron conveyor control system brings them together afterwards.  These exhibits developed into real crowd pullers and attracted hundreds of interested people to the large, open HEUFT stand.  No wonder  – where else at the Brau Beviale could real system technology be seen live and in action?