HEUFT training courses - learning is in vogue

The use of product and quality assurance systems in the filling and packaging industry has become a necessity. Despite the fact that over the past years quite a bit has happened in the area of user friendliness (for example the graphical user interface) and operator convenience the nature of this work still requires a certain degree of background knowledge. Therefore the success and the efficiency of this at times very complex inspection technology also depends undoubtedly on the qualifications of the operators and the maintenance staff.


HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH has been offering customer training courses tailored to the requirements of the participants at its Training Centre for over a decade now. The Training Department was expanded last year due to the growing number of enquiries and increased acceptance. Every year several hundred national as well as international guests are looked after and trained by a number of trainers at the HEUFT Training Centre in Burgbrohl, Germany.

In addition to the standard training program many training courses are held in accordance with customers´ requirements at the Training Centre or at the customer´s own premises in order to deal with the customer´s specific wishes and interests in more detail. Furthermore the HEUFT group subsidiaries also offer independent training courses so that courses can be held, even beyond the borders of Europe, promptly and individually without language barriers.

Experienced trainers combine theory with practice by means of specially developed concepts so that even complex procedures become intelligible and easy to understand. The accompanying practical implementation of what has been learnt using fully functioning training devices guarantees success. The specialized expertise acquired in this way enables the customer to handle these high-performance products in a safe and reliable way, to carry out preventive maintenance work in order to avoid downtimes and to analyse and eliminate faults quickly.

Another benefit which can be derived from this knowledge is a general understanding of the course of events relating to the production process. Messages emitted by the system can be classified into the theoretical background and serve to detect the sources and the causes. The courses also demonstrate that in addition to their actual checking and inspection function the devices also serve as a tool for line monitoring. This guarantees a high degree of product safety and quality as well as increased line effectiveness.

The current schedule can be found on our Internet pages. For further information or enquiries please contact Mrs Magin or Mrs Broecher on +49 (0) 26 36 / 56 267 or by e-mail at