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- thanks to thorough cleaning function

The clean in position (CIP) feature of the HEUFT TORNADO labelling machine saves working hours and facilitates the preparation of the machine for the next working day.

Who doesn´t know the problems associated with cleaning production facilities? In many production plants, machines have to be cleaned and prepared for the next day at the end of a production day. The more dirt the more effort is required for cleaning and the more likely it is that tiresome small details are forgotten. If these small details are not attended to properly they could cause problems when production starts again.


Consequently the successful use of the CIP feature in the labelling stations of the HEUFT TORNADO labelling machine is good news to all operators of labelling machines. The removal of glue remains at the end of a working day counts as one of the operator´s more tiresome tasks. Until now the important parts of a station were dismantled for cleaning purposes and cleaned with hot water, brushes and a lot of elbow grease. Now with the CIP feature the thorough cleaning of the complete station is possible without the operator! The time saved can be utilized for other tasks in the vicinity and as a result the working day is shorter.


The application of the CIP feature is especially useful when it is intended to use the same-sized bottles on the next production day. The dismantling of glue segments, gripper cylinders and glue roller is no longer necessary. The operator only has to remove the glue pump from the glue tank and to pull the glue scraper away from the roller. A hot-water valve at each labelling station opens and sprays the glue roller from the rear with several small jets of water. Whilst the machine is running at its basic speed the hot water is distributed all over the glue roller and the glue segments transport the water gradually throughout the entire station. We recommend a water temperature of approximately 65ºC (149ºF) so that the glue remains are easy to remove and the metal surfaces do not become too hot. The labelling station itself has been designed so that it can be cleaned with higher water temperatures - an advantage not found in the majority of other labelling machines. The smooth and rounded surfaces are an additional advantage as all the dirt can be washed off easily.


After only 15 to 20 minutes all the glue remains have been removed from the labelling stations and the machine has undergone optimum preparation for the next production day. The time saved and the results achieved have impressed all operators of HEUFT labelling machines who have used this feature. This is also the case at the "Privatbrunnen Toenissteiner Sprudel" bottling plant where a HEUFT TORNADO 72 labelling machine is equipped with the CIP feature. The unanimous opinion of the operators: "This is at last a development which is of immediate benefit to operators!"